Broken smartphone

Device Repairs

At Tech Boys, we know how important your electronics are, and we know how much you rely on them to keep your life organized and running smoothly. We keep our prices low by utilizing the most cost-effective strategies, and if our technicians determine that a repair would cost more than completely replacing a device, we’ll never start repair work before consulting the customer.

As long as we have the necessary replacement parts in stock, we strive for a fast turnaround time for repairs: within 72 hours or less. If the parts aren’t in stock, we’ll do everything possible on our end to fix your devices as quickly as possible. And of course, when you have something repaired at Tech Boys, you never have to choose between a fast turnaround time or high quality service. Our experts promise that you’ll get both. We also offer expedited service for special needs and sensitive material.

Cell Phone Repairs:
iPhone Repairs in 631 long islandWhether you have a brand-new smartphone that lived happily for a week before being dropped in the pool, or whether your years-old flip-phone has finally started acting up, our technicians can handle a variety of cell phone problems. It doesn’t matter if your phone is powered by Apple, Windows, or Android — we can evaluate any type of cell phone and determine where the damage is located, if the damage can be repaired, and how much it will cost. Many repairs can be made in a few short minutes while you wait in the store.

Tablet Repairs:

Tablets are still pretty new on the electronics market, but that doesn’t mean our experts are any less skilled with tablet and iPad repairs. If your tablet needs a new screen free of cracks, needs water damage treatment, or needs an LCD or battery replacement — or if you aren’t even sure what your tablet needs, but you can see that it’s broken and clearly needs something — our staff is always happy to take a look and offer a repair assessment.

Computer Repairs:

We know that computers can be finicky creatures: one small problem can slow down an entire operating system, a virus can creep in undetected, and a computer can overheat so much that it begins to damage its own parts. Even if you can’t diagnose the exact problem ailing your computer, all you need to do is bring in your laptop or hard drive to the store. The experts at Tech Boys are knowledgeable about both Macs and PCs, both desktops and laptops, and everything from the monitor screen down to the hard drive.

Data Retrieval and Transfer

data recover on Long Island
It happens to everyone at some point: a hard drive breaks down, or a laptop gets a bit too close to a pool of water, or a smartphone software update comes out… and suddenly, every bit of data stored on the device just disappears. It isn’t just frustrating — it’s something that can completely disrupt your life. And at Tech Boys, we’re dedicated to minimizing that disruption in any way we can.

Even if your computer or phone isn’t working properly and you actually see the data on the device, we may still be able to get into the hard drive or storage device and retrieve some, or all, of the data stored there. Anything that we can save — music files, photos, documents — we’ll try to save. If and when the retrieval process is successful, we never keep or copy customer data; if we need to ask for a password in order to access a password-protected file, we always carefully dispose of that information after we have accessed the data.

The problem is, data from a damaged device can’t always be retrieved, and that’s why our experts suggest taking a preventative approach to protecting important data. All we need is the actual device where the data is stored, and we can copy, transfer, and backup any amount of data. Again, we believe in discretion and customer confidentiality, and we’ll never do anything with your data without telling you first.